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Music Compression App For Mobile Devices
Music Compression App For Mobile Devices

The Only Text Messaging and Music App You'll Ever Need. Download Now!

Music Compression Application for iOS and Android Mobile Devices
Music Compression App For Mobile Devices
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Basic Free Users Can: Compress up to 4 songs per month. Export compressed music to your storage drive. Save songs for 24 hours.  In-app text messaging - messages save for 4 days. In-app messaging with the ability to send pre-saved music links, voice messages, compressed songs, and videos as attachments. Add songs directly from your drives below 10 MB to your my music list. Send photos inside messaging regardless of whether you have an iphone or android - Smash to Smash is always compatible! Plus, try out our Promo Video feature that lets users take any music track (full or trimmed) and smash it with a photo of your choice to create a quick promo to share with others in messaging and social channels. 

Go Premium! For only $2.99 per month you get unlimited music compressions, Can compress multiple songs up to 3 at a time, have no in-app advertisements and save your compressed music files and music links forever. Messages stay in your inbox for 40 days.  

Music Compression App For Mobile Devices
Music Compression App For Mobile Devices

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Music Storage & Compression

4FAME SMASH App's in-app messaging lets you send full-length song files, pictures, videos, saved music links, voice messages & text messages with automatic translation in 186 languages!

Create messaging groups and send exclusive songs to your top fans and peers. No links required!

Connect and collaborate with other artists easily by compressing and sending song files in the app. 

Text with users worldwide with automatic language translation. Set your language preference in your profile settings & the 4FAME SMASH App does the rest!

Invite your friends & reserve your usernames now!

4FAME SMASH App Messaging Includes:

  • Text 
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Voice
  • Songs
  • Music Links / Websites
  • Automatic language translation in 186 languages
  • Music Compression & Storage (MP3 & WAV)
  • Group & Broadcast Style Messaging
  • Make Promo Videos

Cool Reasons To Use the 4FAME SMASH App

  • Share exclusive music or videos
  • Connect & collaborate with fans, friends & peers
  • Get feedback from real people on content
  • Connect & communicate worldwide with language translation
  • Use Broadcast text to save time, creating one message to send multiple users who all receive it as a private text
  • Create Unlimited Groups. Invite as many users as you like. Don't speak the same language? Don't worry - the app will automatically translate all messages.
  • Send clear photos, videos and music regardless of device type - Android or Apple - the 4FAME SMASH App has you covered.
  • Use the 4FAME SMASH App to build your own music community

Music Files Too Large?


4FAME SMASH is the Music & Messaging App you've been waiting for!