The Only Music Messaging App That Allows You To Send High-Quality, Full-Length Songs & Videos.

Music Compression Application for iOS and Android Mobile Devices
Music Compression App For Mobile Devices

Create it, compress it, Share it! Music makers and music lovers can now save and share quality compressed music files from their mobile devices.

​​​​​​​ All Your Music In The Palm Of Your Hand

​​​​​​​ Share Music Files with In-App Messaging

Share your compressed, high-quality, full-length music files, videos, and audio recordings with any Smash App user. Our private in-app messaging feature allows music artists the ability to directly connect with their fans and peers by sharing exclusive music, videos, text and more.

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Download the 4FAME SMASH app and tell all your friends. This new mobile music app is for all music creators and music lovers. Users can easily compress and share full songs and videos via private text messaging. The 4FAME SMASH app is the only app that allows users to easily attach their music links (Spotify, Apple, Soundcloud, YouTube, etc....) and share private messages, while attaching high quality full length music files as well as videos. This app will change the way music creators communicate and collaborate with their peers.

4fame Smash App is a mobile music Messaging and compression app that allows users to import and export music files in MP3 and WAV file formats. Users can choose to compress music from 32 k/bit, 48 k/bit, 64 k/bit, 80 k/bit, 96 k/bit, 105 k/bit, 128 k/bit, 160 k/bit, 192k/bit, 224 k/bit, 256 k/bit, and 320 k/bit. 4fame smash app uses popular storage platforms such as Dropbox, Drive and iCloud. Premium users can also create and send other users mp4 promo videos by combining any full song or trimmed song with a photo of your choice!

Features include:

Basic - Free download:

1. Compress up to 4 songs per month

2. Export compressed music to your storage drive

3. Songs save for 24 hours

4. In-app text messaging - messages save for 4 days 

Premium - Free download & $2.99 per month

1. Unlimited music compressions

2. Compress multiple songs (up to 3 at a time)

3. No advertisements

4. Save music forever

5. In-app messaging with the ability to send pre-saved music links, voice messages, compressed songs, and videos as attachments 

6. Messages stay in your inbox for 40 days 

7. Create promo videos and share with others using in-app messaging with by combining your songs and photos into an mp4 

Music Compression App For Mobile Devices
Music Compression App For Mobile Devices
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How To Use The App

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4fame Smash is the Music Messaging App you've been waiting for!